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BACHATA CONCERT PRESENTATION: Sunday August 14 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

One of the new young voices of the new generation of Dominican vocalists, Chantel Collado, also known as “La Princesa De La Bachata” was born in Toronto, Canada on December 15, 1997. Chantel took her first steps in show business at age 9 through singing and demonstrating her exceptional artistic disposition. Her father, Leo Collado has been of great influence on her career as an artist. At a young age she began preparing to achieve what she slowly has, through great effort, perseverance and discipline. Chantel joined John Robert Powers in 2006 where she learned technique and vocals. In 2005 she also attended Ontario Conservatory of Music to learn vocals. In 2006 she placed 3rd in Solo and 3rd place in Duet competition at National Vocal Competition in Los Angeles, California.

Despite her 18 years of age, she is aware that choosing the genre Bachata marks the difference since many believe that women in the Bachata genre do not succeed. She wants to take that as a challenge in her life and demonstrate that when quality, great musical arrangements and good voice accompanied by a good team and teamwork, anything is possible. “Infiel” and “Mentiras Baratas”, are two of her productions which are independent production recorded by Collado Productions. A world-class vehicle for her talents as a Young vocalist. With a variety of genres from Dominican bachata and other contemporary latinstyles, “ThreeWords”(english bachata) “Infiel” and “Mentiras Baratas” are singles with highpotential for international success A ‘singerssinger’, with great range and dazzlingimprovisational skills – Chantel Collado matches her technique with an infectiouspersonality and stage presence – making her thetotal package of entertainer, gifted artist.

Career Highlights

Chantel Collado managed by Collado Productions and represented by JEP Agency, has participated in major concerts with artists such as, Hector Acosta,” El Torito” , Tito,” El Bambino” , Black Jonas Point, Frank Reyes, “El Rey Tulile”, Luis Vargas, Charlie Cardona, Los Hermanos Rosario, Tito Rojas, Julian “Oro Duro” , “El Mayimbe” Fernando Villalona, Marc Anthony and Carlos Vives and many more. She also had a successful tour throughout various important cities of the Republic of Ecuador and Dominican Republic. Additionally, she participated in many Canadian Latin festivals in Toronto, Montreal, Barrie, and London.

Chantel Collado recently released DUO with legendary Dominican Icon known as “El Principe De La Bachata” Frank Reyes. Video will reduced in Primer Impacto in June 2016. Chantel on November 2013 completed the production of her first album, “Infiel ” which consists of 7 original songs; 5 written by her brother Junior Collado and 2 written by Chantel Collado herself. “Infiel”is under the direction and musical arrangement of her father, Leo Collado. Chantel recently is finishing her second production “Mentiras Baratas”. This production consists of 8 original songs, written mostly by Chantel Collado, under the direction and musical arrangement of her father, Leo Collado. Chantel recently recorded her song “I Wanna Tell You” featuring the Dominican Icon Frank Reyes. Chantel in her musical arrangements also had the collaboration of Engel Torres, “Rey Melodico” and Wilbert Manuel in the Dominican Republic. Her music video “Infiel” “Mentiras Baratas” and “I Wanna Tell You” were produced by the team of Eduardo Duran Media Group in New Jersey.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Pegazo Records “Artist of TheYear” 2013
  • Premios Liderazgos, “London” Artist of TheYear 2014
  • Premios TooMuch, New York “UpcomingArtist” 2014
  • Revelation of The Year “Dominican Parade Bronx” 2014 and 2015
  • Latin International Award from Carribean Music Awards Canada 2015
  • Premios Herencia Dominicanos, New York 2015