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PERFORMANCE SHOW: Saturday August 13 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

The Marinera is Peru’s national dance, with roots in the Spanish Fandango African Zamacueca , and indigenous couple dances. The dance portrays a couple’s flirtatious pursuit. The woman, in her  pollera (skirt) and handkerchief, teases the man with her graceful movements.

Each region has its own style, punctuated by variations in the tempo, key, clothing, and steps. The Norteña dance from Trujillo is playfully flirtatious and accompanied by a brass band. The Mochera style, also on the north coast, reflects its rural origins in the dress style. The Limeña is considered the oldest. The elegantly dressed couples dance to the rhythms of the guitar and cajon drum.

Of the many styles, Marinera Norteña has become the most popular in Peru and throughout the world. Over the last 10 years different organizations have hosted tournaments across the globe. This year Toronto will host it’s 4th annual competition, whose winners will earn a much coveted pass directly to the World Marinera Finals Competition in Trujillo, Peru.


Flash mobs are one of the newest ways to have dance interact with the general public, where a group of dancers will begin to perform a choreographed piece in a large public space.